Mud Chains - Result!!

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    ::bigsmile:Hi - Just got back from our weekend on a CL using our Michelin Snow Chains. ::bigsmile:

    Got to say we had a success - not 100% as we needed a tow when we arrived. The farmer advised us to access the field which I would have left alone as it was too wet - Know your limitations! :Doh:.
    The chains gave us traction but weight was to much for a very wet section and we bogged down.

    I will post the pictures when I sort out how to do it.:Blush: - Just uploaded pictures to my picture folder - Michelin Snow Chains.

    The chains are easy to fit - but need a bit of strength to pull them over the wheel. Once on they self centered after a few wheel turns.

    Left the site this afternoon after it had been drizzeling all day :rain: so the ground was wet and slippery. Long run across the field and a very wet exit onto the hard road - just managed to pull up the small incline started to slip on one wheel

    :clap:I'm happy - but they do not turn you into a tractor. :thumb:

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