Moving Microchip and other problems when taking dog aboad


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Dec 18, 2007
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Hi everyone,thought that you may be interested to read about my experiences when travelling abroad with my dog.In 2006 having had a bad experience of local kennels and their poor service when leaving my dog behind I decided to get him "passported up" and buy a campervan to take him along with me in 2007.Bought a used 1988 RHD 2.0 litre petrol fiat ducato highwayman without power steering 33k miles on the clock in Jan when the price was at winter level and in February after a good service & fitting a pair of snow tyres on the front set off across the channel on a Sea France ferry.Had a great 3 weeks going through France,Belgium,Germany,Poland and Slovakia and the camper was perfect-engine never missed a beat-and came back to Calais 3,500 miles and 3.5 weeks later.When checking in at Calais my dog had to be scanned for his microchip and there was a problem as the scanner would not detect it initially.At this point maybe I should mention that my dog is a big white long haired german shepherd and the check in girl was scared of dogs,especially when he kept trying to eat the scanner as he thought that it was a game and was playing away happily while being vocal and giving out a deep play growl as he tried to get the scanner.After she freaked out and not being able to get a reading she asked me to do it for her.Trouble was that I could not find it either for nearly an hour as it had moved from on his back between his shoulders and had managed to get under his front left armpit.However once it was found we were allowed to join the queue for boarding although we had missed our booked ferry due to the microchip hunt.In August having had such a great time in the cold weather we did almost the same trip again and had 5 days next to the sea on the Hel peninsular in Poland but when coming back though Germany we were pulled over by the police as Loopy(my dog) was sat on the passenger seat(he had a full harness on and it was clipped into the seat belt anchor point) because they thought that it was dangerous as it blocked my line of vision when looking in the door mirror.I agree that it did restrict my view a bit and after a telling off was allowed to go on my way with Loopy sitting somewhere else for the rest of the trip.After getting back home I decided to sell my campervan as it was not perfect for my needs-when I initially bought it (my first ever campervan) I was not fully aware of all the options and having driven it for about 8k miles knew that I wanted power steering,diesel instead of petrol & Left hand drive which mine did not have.I sold it for "summer money" in september last year and have now bought a lhd turbo diesel engined Euramobil with power steering which I intend keeping for future holidays unless Ken Livingstone stays as mayor which will mean that i will have to get rid of it because of the "low emission zone" rules.From October 2010 it will not meet the required standard-like all the other older campervans or vehicles that are over 1.2 ton in weight-and living in London I won't be able to keep it without paying the £200 a day fine for beaching the rules.I would be interested to hear from othes what ,if anything we can do to get round this low emission zone hurdle-it's going to affect everyone with a pre 2003ish diesel engined camper/mobile home. Michael



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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi Loopy
Ill address this to you as Dad hasn't signed his post and I'm not typing in all that ambulance stuff
Loopy by name and Loopy by nature I bet your dads very proud of you,I would be.
A nice story enjoyed the read, and to give your Dad a very basic answer there are products being developed to retro fit to older diesel vans, at what cost and how far back in year they will go ive no real idea Im still researching the subject myself
Welcome to the FUN site Animalambulanceman, there now you've gone and made me and type it:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Oct 7, 2007
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Hello and welcome you fabulous looking animal (it's Loopy I'm addressing here by the way ::bigsmile:).
A friend of mine has a 'rescue' dog which was chipped (as a matter of course I understand) and Holly's chip also went walk about.
So it seems it's not an unusual occurrence.
Fancy putting a lass that's scared of dogs (how could she be scared of you, Loopy :Eeek:) in that position. Manager with no brain, methinks.

I suppose I assumed that since London was your place of residence you would get some sort of dispensation; seems I got that wrong then. Good job I live out in the sticks. :thumb:


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Jul 26, 2007
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I have had the scanner business and with my two dogs they always give the scanner for me to do it.

Once returning via P & O got through 4 scanners till they had one where the batteries were charge enough to read them insisting it was the chips fault:RollEyes:

I knew the chips were in place as we wouldn't have been issued their passports without them and the vets had no problem finding them

Seeing as they charge £30 per dog you would think the system would be easier:RollEyes:

Eurotunnel were far more proficient passing though BTW (something we cannot use anymore now we run on LPG:Doh::cry:)

Welcome to the site BTW:thumb:
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