Movelite XL F driveaway awning

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    We bought one of these this week. Its the first awning we have used and bought it after some research. We needed one for a VW Crafter conversion and this will fit vehicles up to 9ft high.
    The 'F' in this is for family and this version has a built in extension sleeping pod with two 2 person bedrooms. . (Or just leave it open as extra living/storage space. It fits easily to the van .. it uses three straps over the top of the van to hold it in place.. this works very well if your roof is clear and solid .. I would suggest something like a rubber dog bone to tie the straps to to throw over the roof. The awning side facing the van can easily (on our van) become the skirt once opened up.
    So .. to drive away.. do up the door facing the van.. pull three straps back over.. tidy them up and drive off. We love it.
    Comes with self contained sleeping pod.. and groundsheet for main area. Windows (with curtains) on both outward facing walls of main area. Zipped access ports for cables.. built in pockets in some walls and an elasticated system for hugging the sides of the van.

    This awning would be poor in high winds in my opinion.. but we used it on a exposed hill in heavy rain last night and it was fine.

    We bought it at towsure as we were passing and they had it in stock.
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