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  1. Johnoil


    May 26, 2014
    Hello to all I wonder if anyone can help my wife and I.
    We have booked two tickets for the Moto GP at Aragon, Spain in September. The circuit is Motorland and within the circuit is a camp site run by Gestsevent. After a bit of internet navigation we found our way to a page where we could insert our Name, Fiscal ID ( we used my National insurance number), phone number, email and date and time of arrival. Then we click on to next page, agree to pay 70 euro for three night for our MH and use and click on to card payment page, all good so far. The payment page displays, amongst others, the MasterCard logo. We fill in the details and click and the payment is denied. Motorland says it's the card fault, MasterCard says its not and they have no record of any request and now Caja Rural de Teruel, (card processor) are saying that they cannot recognise the card. Well I think that's what they are saying as his English is not so good and my spanish non existent. The Aragon tourist board thinks it's some sort of data error but was a little reluctant to get involved. Can anyone come up with a logical path to secure a booking. We have been trying for about 10 days now so I won't feel so bad if no one can help.

    Regards JA

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