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Jan 6, 2009
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I hope this is in the right section.

We are in the process of finding ourselves another motorhome after selling our beloved Eura in the Spring. We went off to travel round OZ and now we are back we are trying to get back in the saddle and replace it.
Anyway I have always been keen to go skiing - I have never skiied apart from a dreadful experience on an artificial slope, hubby is sporty so he can ski a bit, 8, 5 and 2 year old kids - no experience but the 2 oldest are sporty and want to give it a try.

We have travelled to France last year and round Oz this year so are fairly adventurous considering the age of the kids however hubby is a bit apprehensive about going skiing/somewhere cold in the van down to the continent. When I saw that you were running a group trip I thought it was a great idea if we can get a van in time.

However I need to convince the other half that it is doable with the kids and that we can all enjoy ourselves.

SO the question is - how feasable is it to do it with a 8, 5 and 2 year old? Presumably there activities we can do with the 2 year old. What would be the main probs and how could we solve them? Or should we forget it till the youngest is older?

All your thoughts would be gratefully received, mind you if I get my own way, we will be going anyway wether its a good idea or not!



Jul 19, 2007
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Hello. We do have a few skiers here so I am sure they will answer when they see your post. For what its worth Ski resorts can be great with young kids, so tell your other half that you don't have to ski, there is plenty of sledging and mucking about in snow that kids just love.

Meanwhile welcome to the fun:thumb:
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Aug 10, 2008
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Hi Viks, :Smile:

We're hoping to go skiing next Christmas/New Year with our 4 and 7 year old. We've decided to stay on a campsite with some facilities rather than at an aire purely because of the little ones. We've been looking at Le Grand Bornand and Chatel, both villages have other activites going on apart from skiing.

Sorry I can't help you anymore, it's all new to us.

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Dec 5, 2007
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Hi Vilks,
thanks for your PM,

On the subject of this post, there is at most resorts lots to do for children of all ages, even those in their 40s:ROFLMAO:
Many slopes are suitable for young children to get some practice on. In may resorts the locals practically learn to ski before they can walk. The younger children are the quicker they learn.
Most resorts have instructors for all abilities.
One thing many people forget when we talk about skiing in a motorhome is why we go? Nikki does not ski, we simply go for the beauty of the area that we are going too. Nikki is happy to spend her day walking and enjoying the scenary. This year I am going to do some snow shoeing, you could go for a dog sled ride if you liked, go ice skating or just simplly enjoy the resort.
we of course will go for the skiing and everything else is a bonus.

What you might like to cosider is actually using scotland to learn. We have just returned from doing some skiing at the Lecht, to a) get some practice and b) try our new skiis. The scottish resorts are a treasure and completely underused IMO. The lecht has escellent first time skier opportunites in its little nursery slopes, Welcome to the Lecht 2090 Website! great fun and only a 2 hour drive from you. Of course there is also Glenshee, not as good as getting snow and Scotlands biggest resort but again a nice little resort to get some practice in. I would suggest that a weekend at any of these resorts, staying in your motorhome on their car parks will have you skiing to a decent level to pick it up at an alps resort, therefore saving on lessons. :thumb:

your last comment: All your thoughts would be gratefully received, mind you if I get my own way, we will be going anyway wether its a good idea or not!

Well this will make you more than welcome.:thumb: this is what lifes made of. Life is way to short for worrying about anything else. Give it a go.
I will PM you with an answer to your other questions.
the haganaps
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