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Jan 18, 2015
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I am getting close (I hope!) to taking possession of my first MH. I have made tentative inquires to a couple of brokers but would like to make comparisons based on what you good folk out there are being and have been charged.
However having read a few posts about the premiums being quoted by various companies (and I am aware that there are many other factors) that effect the cost but there does not seem to be many which refer to the basic information you need to provide.
Some posts do refer to makes and models but unless you have a good knowledge of all the manufactures and the differences between models, even a rough comparison is not possible.
This may have been done before, but, to help me, a nearly newbie, and others, your posts on this subject would be welcome, based on the following:
a) Make & Model (including weight, length and axles). b) Year/Age. c) Value (inc. equipment). d) Engine Size. e) Any other relevant information.

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The 3 main items that effect premiums are, make, value & your post code, expect to pay double if you park it on the road rather than your driveway.
Value doesn't effect the premium much until you get over 75k.

An example of how things can vary my self & my mate both had the same model Hymer both insured with Comfort premiums were within £10 difference due to post code.
Last year we changed van I brought a Hymer Exsis A Class, he brought a Carthago A Class value wise not a lot diiffent , my premium £252, his £570.

Another thing to be wary of is a lot of polices are car policies where as the specialist Motorhome insurers policies are tailored to Motorhomes and offer much better cover.
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