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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Don Madge, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Don Madge

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    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks
    Motorhome to Cyprus
    I've recently received a few E-mails on taking a motorhome to Cyprus, this
    is the latest info as of the 13th September 2007.

    There have been no car ferries sailing between mainland Greece and southern
    (Greek) Cyprus for the last five/six years. There's a cruise line ferry that
    runs from mid June to mid September but this has a height limit of 1.7
    metres. There's also an all year RO/RO freight ferry but the cost can be
    horrendous for a large motorhome.

    The only way to drive a motorhome to Cyprus now is via Turkey, it's a long
    trek, the distance is approx 2,200/2,500 miles depending on which route you

    In the past one had the added complication of having to buy third party
    insurance when one landed in northern (Turkish) Cyprus to transit to
    southern (Greek) Cyprus.

    My insurers Comfort (Norwich Union) have stated that a Green Card is no longer
    required for southern (Greek) Cyprus and they can issue manually a Green
    Card for northern (Turkish) Cyprus.

    You can now drive to Turkey overland without leaving the EU, this makes life
    a lot easier when crossing borders. Having said that you will still require
    a manual Green Card for Romania, Bulgaria and of course Turkey/northern

    If you use the ferry option from Italy to Greece you will just require a
    manual Green Card for Turkey/northern Cyprus.

    Fergun Ferries ( sail from Tasucu in Turkey to Girne
    in northern Cyprus.

    EU citizens can cross the border between north and south Cyprus. If you
    arrive in Cyprus from Turkey you must leave the same way. If you arrive from
    Greece you must leave that way. At present a round trip is not possible.

    Don't bother contacting the Greek Cypriot tourist office in London for info
    on travelling via Turkey. They will not even admit there is a way out
    through northern Cyprus.

    If you would like further info on travelling to Cyprus via eastern Europe or
    via the ferry option from Italy to Greece please contact me by E-mail.

    Don Madge
    MMM Travel Consultant for Cyprus
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  2. Ivys

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    Sep 29, 2007
    Wantage, UK
    Hi Don

    We're currently in Cyprus. Decided we wanted a warm break so the MH wasn't an option, instead flew to Larnaka and staying in a hotel in Limassol.

    We've hired a small car and done around 1000km so far - absolutely love the variation (from the mountains at Troodos to the beaches at Limassol). Can't understand why the isn't a Motorhome around every corner!

    What's the current situation regarding motorhoming in Cyprus?
    Is it still a matter of transport?
    What about camping laws etc?

  3. Hollyberry

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Paignton, Devon.
    I lived in Cyprus for a while, hated it. Great for a holiday but living there is a different matter.
    Think the reason there are no motorhomes is that the island is so small. Once you've been round it a couple of times, you've seen it all. Also hotels used to be very cheap so it was possible to have a weekend in Paphos/ ayia Napa/ wherever at a lowish price. the north was even cheaper.
    The boats off the island are more geared to tourist trips and they also appear and disappear (off schedules, not literally!) at the drop of a hat as there are flare ups in the Middle East.

    Enjoy your holiday. Should be warm and sunny with less humidity than high summer.
  4. Don Madge

    Don Madge Funster

    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks
    Hi Rog,

    Sorry for the delay in replying but have been testing the van on the Isle of Skye after having it refurbished at Timberland. An horrendous trip with the very bad weather but the trip was just to make sure Timberland had not left us any "nasties" . The van was 100% OK. Did not fancy having any problems on our way to Turkey in December.

    There have been no car ferries to Cyprus for the last 10/11 years. The only way is via Turkey and that's not an option if you have a pet.

    There's a petition at to get the ferry restored but I don't think it will happen soon.

    We have always enjoyed our trips to Cyprus, free camping is not a problem.


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