Motorhome show at Romsey

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Welsh girl, Feb 19, 2012.

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    living the dream.
    We just booked the Motorhome show at Romsey with Apple tree exhibitions. They just called back now to make a booking over the phone.

    Looks a good weekend.
    £10 off if you are with the caravan club as they have it on their website too.

    Four nights £55 • Three nights £45 • Two nights £35
    Overnight rates include free admission for two people to the show.
    Children free. Extra adults £5 per night. Dogs welcome.
    EHU as well but expensive at £7.50 a night.

    It wasn't on the list on here and it was a throwaway comment on here that made me look into it.
    They had never heard of Motorhome fun so I put them right, was hoping to park up with some but never mind.
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    how can any organiser not know MHF

    I just cannot imagine any show organiser does not know about MHF.. RVOC yes, but not MHF.. with the membership on this site MHF is a main player and does not say a lot for that organisation if they have not looked in tot he market place.

    Hope you have a nice time.


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