Motorhome parking ban in Royan

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    just been reading the most recent "Le Monde du Camping Car" on line In which there is an article and big discussion about a new regulation introduced by the Maire of Royan in the Charente Maritime.
    The regulation passed in January 2016 and recently introduced bans the parking of camping cars and any vehicle adapted for habitation on 35 roads on and adjacent to the sea front, primarily on the grounds that they interfere with the free flow of traffic.
    Lots of correspondence complaining about this as you might expect but the Maire has declined to make any response.
    The overwhelming sense is "up yours Royan" we'll go somewhere else where we are welcome - St George de Didonne for example, it's neighbour Just along the coast.
    Might be worth bearing in mind if you are heading that way this Summer.

    Link below if you fancy a bit of basic translating!!
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