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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by RockieRV, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I thought this was an interesting concept..........

    'The arrival of a massive network of cheap flight operators has opened up Europe, and to some extent the world to millions of people. They are able to holiday in places which ten years ago they were only able to dream about.

    With motorhome holiday swap you can have the savings, convenience comfort and flexibility that your motorhome has for many years provided you in your own country on trips many thousands of miles from home.'

    'Each member will complete an application form on-line which gives details of the region of the country where they live, and of course where their motorhome is sited, and the type of motorhomes they own and they are seeking. Thus you will be able to browse through the areas of the world that you want to holiday in, cross reference dates that they might be available for exchange, and look at photos of the vehicles and their owners. The only major cost for the holiday is then the cost of getting to the motorhome itself.'

    So if motorhoming in New Zealand or Australia, for example, is appealing, then have a quick look at the site below.........

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    Hi Sharon, lend my baby to someone else, not keen about that, also £45 per year registration and as far as I am aware you cannot insure a vehicle you don't own, so they would have to go on your policy as a named driver, no not for me.

  3. RockieRV

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    It's ok Ian, I'm not on commission:Laughing:

    I just thought it was an interesting concept - very much like house swapping.
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    I think you will find getting a non UK licence holder on your motorhome policy extremely difficult as well, I would imagine elsware its not a problem
    Only in the uk eh!

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