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    My motorhome has got to live on my drive, (when we are not going to be away in it :BigGrin:) there are Beech trees very nearby that drop loads of stuff in the Autumn, can you get covers for 24ft motorhomes? If so, what might they cost and are they worth it.
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    Hi Roger

    I could bring one in from the States for you.... a cover for a 24ft Coachbuilt for example would set you back region of £275.00, not cheap I know. There must be someone who specifically supplies them for Euro-built vehicles but I don't know who....someone else on here might, all my stuff is for American RVs.

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    Jul 29, 2007
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    :Cool: Or you could buy one of those Groundsheets of a vast size for around £10. Surely it's mainly the top that requires covering? Sometimes covers can cause MORE damage than they stop. Just a thought. :Wink:
  4. Lindy-C

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    Absolutely, it depends what the covering is made from.
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    Towsure do a motorhome cover for around £100 - its a breathable fabric, rather like car / caravan covers.

    Protec will purpose-make a motorhome cover for about £400 (they do caravan covers as well, advertise in MMM etc)but you will have to take measurements for them and its about a 6-12 week wait from enquiries I've made.

    Fiamma also do a roof cover for about £35 - adjustable size, covers and protects roof from leaves and debris. Obviously, you need to be careful with covers- you can't use heating / cooking / etc safely with any form of cover on, and manufacturers recommend removing them regularly. Those I've mentioned are breathable fabrics, vented to allow air to move freely over the surface.

    For me, I use a Fiamma rooftop cover in the summer and I've got a Towsure cover for the winter. We have loads of trees and I cover all my cars as well, so have tried various kinds of covers and material over the years. The Towsure and Fiamma covers are really inexpensive but they do the job - will probably need replacing every few years depending on weather conditions, but hey, under £200 to protect your van costing anything upwards of £30K is not a lot.

    Laurie :Cool:
  6. RogerD

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    Thanks for all your responses, lots to think about, thanks, I will let you all know how I get on

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