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    Jul 27, 2007
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    At the risk of dragging up an old chestnut again, I thought I'd mention our recent experience with motorhome covers......back in 2007 when we bought our A class new, I thought about buying a pricey Protec cover but it was just a bit too expensive, so bought a more generic one from Towsure instead, as well as one of the Fiamma partial covers, the idea being to use the Fiamma one as a part-time cover to protect mainly the roof in the summer months between trips and the full cover when the motorhome was laid up for the off season.

    As it happened, my working life changed dramatically and I never got around to using either cover until recently......and the M/H has been laid up for a very long time in all weathers, building up yearly deposits of horrid algae esp on the roof, and black streaks down the sides :cry: (working on changing all that though!) . So the roof took the usual hours and hours and hours to clean off a years supply of algae and we decided to try the Fiamma cover at long last - its just a plain rectangular tarpaulin actually, bit of a nerve of Fiamma to call it a "motorhome cover" really!! But it is a good quality tarp and we managed to get it fitted to the Adria with a bit of tugging and heaving :Eeek: Not looking forward to ever having to use the full MH cover as that will def take some tugging :Eeek::Eeek: However, so far so good with the Fiamma - to protect the MH from scuffing in the wind I've fitted pipe lagging to the elastic bungee cords / tie-downs I've fitted (none are supplied with the Fiamma, unlike the dozen or so supplied with the Towsure supplied full cover) and will watch out for windy days. It should protect the roof and most of the sides and will report on its performance in our very fickle British climate............

    Hopefully roof cleaning will be less necessary now............:Doh:

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