Motorhome concertina blind repair.

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    Hi all.:thumb: I have a Hymer 694 1998 model.On the inner windows there are combination blind/fly nets. The blinds slide up the window the nets down.The two can clip together or be used separately. To make the combination work the system has a nylon cord running around the inside of the surrounding plastic frame which holds the two blinds together.Unfortunately the cord has broken and the blinds have a mind of their own, they're ok if joined with the clip but otherwise dodgy. Please does anybody know how to mend said cord .Many thanks in advance.:Smile:
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    Restringing a Hymer window blind

    Like you, one of the cords of my side window blind severed. Mine severed at a point close to the bottom of the blind, releasing piece of cord, a knot and a small spring. To restring the blind, suggest you do the following:
    1. Lower the blind to the bottom carefully and open the window fully
    2. Unclip the two bottom corners of the frame of the blind
    3. Remove the six screws holding the bottom of the blind frame (3 each side) using a Phillips screwdriver and release the lower part of the frame from the remainder of the frame (the blind stays attached during all this)
    4. Assuming that only one string has broken, unclip the top corner of the frame of the blind on the side of the frame to which the broken cord is attached.
    5. Loosen the screw holding the upper end of the cord and release the upper end of the cord
    6. Rethread a new cord using the other cord as a guide to how it is threaded (but see tip later)
    7. Thread the lower end of the cord through the spring and tie a double knot to hold
    8. Gently tighten the screw on to the upper end of the cord
    9. Reattach the lower part of the frame by re-inserting the six screws
    10. Raise the blind, making sure that the sides of the blind are properly engaged in the guide
    11. With the blind raised to its fullest extent, re-release the screw holding the upper end of the cord and put tension on the upper end of the cord by pulling it across the screw, then retighten the screw
    12. Check the blind now works
    13. Slot the extra tail of the upper end of the cord down the side of the frame (there's a hole that lets you do this)
    14. Reclip the corners of the frame in position
    15. Close the window and have a nice cup of tea to celebrate success!
    TIP: If, as in my case, the cord has severed close to the bottom frame, then you might find that there will be enough of the tail in the upper part of the cord to simply release the cord at the upper screw and slide the cord down to give you enough to replace the broken section. This will save lots of messing around in rethreading the cord into the frame.
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    This was a godsend. Saved me £80 getting it fixed.
    Just a note, the cord had not broken, just slipped off the screw at the top.
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    Bless you for those wonderful step-by-step instructions. I've saved them off onto my computer as I know I will be needing them soon myself.

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