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    The Department for Transport yesterday 9th April published the statistics for the last quarter of 2014. These figures are produced quarterly on the first Thursday of the month, following of the month end of the following quarter. Quarter1 2015 to end of March will be available in July.

    There were 205,566 Motor Caravans registered at 31st December 2014, an increase of 12,960 from the 2013 figure of 192,606
    in addition Motor Caravans under SORN were 51,060 this is a decrease of 931 from the 2013 figure of 51,991

    Total Motorhomes Registered or under SORN at 31st December 2014 is 256,628

    New Motorhome registrations increased from 8,430 in 2013 to 9,577 in 2014. The new registration figure does not cover vehicles that are privately imported, new or used, into the UK.
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