Sitter Available Most areas south of Milton keynes

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    Jul 13, 2015
    We are a married Cpl (40 yrs] with our little Miniature schnauzer and have been MH full time for two years we work full time south of Milton Keynes down to London daily and can offer MH house sitting on most dates, Our 2 year old Hymer is 8.75 metres and is fully equipped with everything we need, all that would be required is electric, water and a man hole to empty the loo, We can look after most pets and of course keep a eye on your property, we house sit for a change of scenery and also to explore other towns and cities, we rarely go out after work as we are mostly tired plus we have a nice MH, so if you need some extra security at your home while you are on holiday message us to see what we can offer
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