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    We are looking to visit Morocco at the end of this year, and would be helpful to meet up with some others as this is our first visit.
    Things we need to consider.
    (1) Dog
    (2) Insurance and breakdown cover
    (3) Health insurance.

    Any info would be most appreciated,


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    Don't know about dogs, but when we went last year could not get breakdown cover, but their are a lot of mechanic's out their and they are a lot cheaper than the UK, if they do not have part will find some to make it.
    You will need to get privet I think we never needed it, but do see you GP you will need injections, also you will need to fill out import documents see below

    Driving into Morocco is a fairly straightforward affair compared to some of the countries we've had to drive into before. There are some essentials that you can prepare before entering Morocco. First off, you must have your original car registration document (V5C), sometimes referred to locally as the vehicle passport. Next you'll need a completed D16 Ter form. This is normally a 3 part carbon copy form, however the Moroccan customs have provided an electronic version of this form that can be completed online and printed before you go to Morocco.

    You can get to the D16 Ter form at the Moroccan customs site here:

    Below is some guidance on completing the form should you have to do this as well as a partly completed form for Red, our Land Rover.


    Bureau d'entrée: Office of entry, in our case this is BAB-SEBTA as we enter from Ceuta, Spain in North Africa.

    Prénom and Nom: Given name and family name (surname).

    Identifiant: You have 4 options here:

    1. CIN(Nationaux): Moroccan National
    2. Etrangers résidant au Maroc: Non-Moroccan resident in Morocco
    3. Etrangers non résidant ayant déjà visité le Maroc: Non-Moroccan visiting Morocco having been to Morocco before
    4. Etrangers en première visite au Maro: Non-Moroccan visiting Morocco for the first time

    Immatriculation: Vehicle registration (license plate) number

    Marque: Vehicle manufacturer (make), this will be Rover for us.

    Type: Vehicle model, Land Rover 88 in our case.

    Genre: Vehicle type.

    Pays: Your country of residence, in our case Grande Bretagne.

    Date de 1ère mise en circulation: Date that your vehicle was first registered.

    Numéro de châssis: Your vehicle identity number (VIN), which you can find on your car, on your car registration document (or V5C in the UK).

    Once you've completed the form, click on Imprimer, this will generate a single PDF document with 3 sections in it. The 1st section is yours to keep, the 2nd section (Exemplaire service 2 (Apurement)) you'll use on exit from Morocco and the 3rd section (Exemplaire service 1 (Entrée)) is required on entry to Morocco at the office of entry that you have specified in the Bureau d'entrée field.

    You can also get forms online to fill in your passport details, which you can give to police or hotels instead of giving over your passport.
    hope this helps.

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