Morocco - buying blankets and copper sink -best places

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    Anyone who has been here previously, can you recommend the best place e.g. a Berber town to buy blankets from. I am looking to buy a number for both personal use and resale, and would rather give the money to the producer than profit someone else (or as near to producer as possible).

    Also looking for a copper sink and copper bathroom fittings for van. Which town would be the best place to buy these things, anyone got any idea of where copper is worked in Maroc? I don't want to traipse round a big souk with Poppy and Charlie Brown to be honest, I have neither the time now or the inclination, but happy to travel to the best source.

    Any suggestions welcome please.............(well sensible at least!) :BigGrin:

    Correction: any suggestion relating to topic is welcome - I know I can't ask the impossible on here! :Rofl1::Rofl1::Rofl1:

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