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Feb 9, 2008
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After leaving Midelt we continued to Meknes, a big city and we stayed for 3 days on the guardian parking by the city gates (next to the golf club).
Mena enjoyed this more than Marrakech, a large Medina and souks which you can easily get lost in but very safe and just about anything you could ever want , for sale.
The main difference between Marrakesh and here was the people, they simply let you get on with your touring without any hassle.
The only time we were approached was when we went for a walk at night around the Medina looking at the stall holders selling sausages and all manner of cooked goods. People would come up to us and say welcome to Morocco, smile and move on. We felt so comfortable and enjoyed our stay in Meknes more than any other city.
During our stay we visit the underground prison that held thousand of prisoners, adjacent to the guardian parking, the stables that held 20, 000 horses with each horse having two attendants and the Sultans palace and tomb. (The Sultan was a bit of a bastard and thought more of horses than people, hence the huge stable and grain store and massive prison).
Meknes also has the big M lots of European fashion stores and 3 bars that serve alcohol. So, I guess along with it's wonderful history it is moving into the 21st Century.
We would definitely come here again.

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