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    Jun 4, 2012
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    Have been MH'ing since 2008, with our LHD Hehn Rheinstar. Picked up, new to us, Autotrail Cheyenne 634L on Tuesday and off to Hope this afternoon for the weekend to check out how everything works.

    Oh, and change all our electrical stuffs plugs from German to UK (must remember the screwdrivers and wire thingies). Think I will be spending most of the weekend rearranging where I want things to be stashed, oh, and enjoying a glass of wine or three!!!

    Pleased with the layout, have been looking for a while for one that suited us, and it is easy to drive.

    Off to Scotland in July for a couple of weeks, just see where the mood takes us.

    Enjoying the site, and I am sure if we get any issues, some wise soul will be able to point us in the right direction.

    Biggest decision is still to be made, the NAME, our old one was called Harvey, this one is, at the moment, being called Harvey II. Top of the list currently is Duke, but not sure, will have to live with him for a while. Are MH's usually 'boys' or 'girls'?

    See you all soon
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    Hi and welcome

    I know quite a few motorhomers have a pet name for their motorhome, so no doubt you will get a few replies on that

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