More Fridge Woes!

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by DanielFord, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Jun 1, 2013
    However this time it was 100% my fault, and has to go under the category of "owner is a bellend!"

    I shall relate the story just a heads up for anyone else, it's something to check if your fridge won't light on gas. Anyway, here goes.

    A very dear friend of mine borrowed our motorhome this weekend, I don't usually allow anyone other than me to touch the van. However, they rarely get away from the kids, and it was our gift to them, camping in the New Forest.

    I deliver the van to the campsite, show them around and how everything works, and leave them to it.

    I have now collected the van, and go around cleaning up (nobody gets it as clean as I like it :) ) and checking that everything is in working order. I notice that the fridge is not lit, and error code 9 showing. Ah, they have emptied the gas cylinder (it was about 1/4 full) so no biggy, I'll go and grab a refill, the car needs some petrol anyway. So I grab the cylinder out, but I can still hear gas sloshing about inside it!!

    I reconnected it, pulled some gas through by lighting the hob, then tried the fridge on gas, again, didn't light, and error 9. So covers off the back, everything looks fine, burner is clean, all connected, so I tried again. This time I put my ear next to the exposed burner whilst it tried to light. No gas hissing, so quickly establish there is a supply problem.

    After about 20 minutes of swearing, I eventually check the isolator valves in the cupboard under the sink (where I keep the cleaning stuff)

    I had knocked one of the valves shut when taking the cleaning items out!!! D'Oh! Reopened the valve, and perhaps not unexpectedly, the fridge lit immediately.

    So if ever your fridge won't light, check the isolator valves, instead of wasting horus like I just did!
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    Sep 23, 2011
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    We had a problem with our fridge on a site in Marrakech. It wouldn't stay lit and the audible alarm kept going off.
    Enquired at reception if there was a repair shop in Marrakech but we were directed to our friend Mustafa in Agadir who has done quite a lot of work for us.
    Off we set for Agadir Gwen driving and me on t'internet searching for possible solutions .
    I put a post on Fun describing the symptoms and our leader, Jim, comes back saying your have to press and hold the alarm button to reset it.
    I did that and hey presto, everything sorted. (This wasn't in the user manual BTW which I had read from cover to cover)
    By this time however we had fought our way out of Marrakech and had driven 120 miles down the motorway.
    We turned round at the next exit and returned to Marrakech as we wee meeting friends there the next day.
    We get a lot of fridge threads on Fun and usually Funsters come up with answers very quickly.

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