More About The 3g/4g Mimo Window Mount Antenna

Discussion in 'Computers' started by GJH, Jun 7, 2015.

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    As posted previously we bought a 3G/4G Mimo Window Mount Antenna from Motorhome WiFi at Peterborough.

    We've just returned from 3 weeks away in Lincolnshire and East Anglia where we had a mixture of 3G and 4G signals, of varying quality, on the Three network. In each case the antenna worked well, providing us with reception which was perfectly capable of servicing our on-line needs whilst touring.

    We also discovered a cheap way of avoiding sucker marks on the window. In addition to two different sized sets of suckers the antenna comes with a pair of hooks for hanging it from a rail. We spotted a tablet stand in Poundland which looked as if it might do the job and were very pleased to find that it did. Initially it came apart a bit too easily so I stuck a bit of Blu-Tak down each of the assembly holes. That was sufficient to mean it doesn't come apart at the wrong time but is still easily disassembled when required.
    stand1.jpg stand2.jpg
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