MoHo roof rack.

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  1. Trikeman


    Aug 22, 2012
    North Somerrzet.
    Hi All,
    to fit my solar panels I removed a very substantial, strong aluminium roof rack - looks like it could be for a roof box, solar panel fitment (mine wouldn't fit as the panels would be over the rooflight) or anything that could be mounted up there - no longer needed, and it maybe possible to recover a little towards my solar kit.
    I cant find a makers label on it but it is 160cm long by 80cm wide with three adjustable cross bars within the perimeter bars, inc the mounting brackets to screw it to the roof.
    Here is a link to the, what looks the same system, in fact I would bet my bottom dollar it is this one - it's certainly a quality bit of kit.

    PM if interested - about £100 should secure.:thumb:


    Trikeman. :winky:

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