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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Mummyto3, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Yet another novice, sorry!:RollEyes:
    We're looking to purchase our first motor home and would like to know if there are any models to avoid?
    We have 3 children (7,4,2) and a dog. Looking for a 6 berth and just wondered if there were any models that weren't suitable and not child friendly?
    We're trying to as much research as possible and need to find a space that's right for us.
    Thanks in advance. :Smile:
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    Hi there Mum of three,

    Your first task is to find a van with 5, three-point seat belts, that shouldn't be too difficult but it does narrow your search down by at least 80%. Thereafter visit lots of dealers, make it plain from the outset that you are not buying today just researching. You need to sit in a lot of vans with the whole family, make the beds up, stand in the shower etc. The layout is THE most important thing. Get it wrong and you'll be swopping the van soon enough and that will cost.

    You could write a book about buying a van. I did ::bigsmile: take a look in my signature, its saved a lot of people a lot of money.

    Its an exciting time, but stay focussed. Even the cheapest vans cost a LOT of money. Best of luck:thumb:
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    The most important factor will be the number of proper seatbelts for you and the children, particularly for any childen who need those booster thingies.

    There are plenty of models that will suit, and my suggestion would be for one of those with a dinette up front (which will need double seats either side, all fitted with seat belts) and a rear lounge. Swift, Autotrail and Elddis all make these and there should be a good choice either new or second hand.

    They will have an overcab double, a side dinette which makes into either a wide single or narrow double (watch, though, whether you can still use the ladder to the overcab when the side double is extended) and a rear double. If the rear lounge is long enough, the bench seats can become almost instant singles. You then have a choice of distributed yourselves and the children in any of these beds. With a total of six seat belts, you'll have one left over for the pooch, using a harness to clip in to the buckle.

    There are also some bunk bed layouts that might suit, although here again the vital thing will be the provision of five proper seat belts.

    Happy hunting and good luck!
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    1. Seatbelts as mentioned..!! 6 berth with 6 belts do exist but a bit harder to find..

    2. PAYLOAD.. You going to need a good payload with 2 adults and 3 kids plus all your gear.. Just because a van looks big and can sleep 6 DOES NOT mean that is can legally carry that number of people due to weight. !! Many people get caught out with vans that have little payload and hence travel overweight and not legal insurance void etc)

    In regard to payload that may mean a bigger van rated higher than 3500kg.. Therefore whoever is going to drive it needs to have passed their test before Jan 1997 (check but i think thats when things changed) or if passed after that have taken another test to drive a heavier vehicle..

    Good luck with the hunt...
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    Better make provision for another one, not far off now.
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