mobilvetta - tfl - lez - nightmare!!!

Discussion in 'Mobilvetta' started by chrisvdb, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. chrisvdb

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    Hi there!

    We have a mobilvetta ( T-reg) - Fiat, 1.9 td - and received a letter from TFL ( transport for London) regarding the LEZ (Low emisions zone) - apparently our motorhome is not compliant :cry: and we need to fit a catylic converter, or upgrade to a newer vechile - having only bought the Mobilvetta a couple of months ago !!!

    Does anybody know where to start - what to do, as we don't have a clue - and need to get it sorted out !!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

    Thank you
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  2. pappajohn

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    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    sorry , cant help, but i believe its prohibitively expensive to get it modified and it would only be compliant til 2010 or 2012 then the rules change again....cant remember which date.
    you wont be alone with this problem.
    only solution i can think of is a storage facility outside the LEZ but if its your only transport then it looks like a second car is needed.:Angry:
  3. tofo

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Kirby cross further from londin
    i think your problems only occur if you travel into london (inside m25 )
    you become liable £100 in £100 out dont know how long in between:Angry::cry:

    im thinking £200 a day
    no exemptions for residents :Angry::Doh:

    so its easy to apply and collect as it rises the longer you delay payment:whatthe:

    if your inside m25 your best bet is secure parking bit of a bind but i dont think
    you need worry till 2010 sept oct timeish:thumb:

    i think some of the caravan club or camping and caravan clubs do storage for caravans may do m/hs if your lucky :winky:

    i think maybe before then storage sites will become worthwhile and a money earner to somone needing a bit pocket money:winky:
  4. Geo

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    Jul 29, 2007
    As I understand it at the moment you have until Oct 2010 to get your vehicles sorted, Diesel particulate filters are being made available (cost unknown) and as far as i know only for 1996 to 2001 vehicles as these fall into category 2 and need to be upgraded to category 3, that will take you from 2010 to 2112 when category 4 has to be met, the filters that are being made now are in effect under trial and when fitted subject to annual checks may be automatically uprated from 3 to 4 if the tests are successful if not, newer types will have to be fitted once again
    What is happening with regard to older vehicle I have no idea, maybe they think they will all be scrapped by then, of course they have not taken into account the high value and longevity of a Motor Home, they only think in white van man terms.

    We are currently looking into the after market area of retro fitting these filters here at Pecks Hill, as they will be subject to VOSA testing and aproval, I don't know if we as an MoT station will be carrying out the tests or VOSA themselves will be doing it
    watch this space
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