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Discussion in 'Computers' started by activecampers, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Well how things have changed since last time I looked!

    Just spent a good few hours updating my Windows Mobile phone in order to stop me buying an iPhone and I found some really great applications that make the phone work superbly. These all seem to have versions for Windows Mobile as well as other phones/computers.

    1 - WeFi - - this is a WiFi scanner that tests every connection it finds, works out if it is just a "accept terms and conditions" site, or password protected or whatever, or indeed "open" but no internet access, or "open" WITH internet access. And thus connect with no hassle at all. Absolutely great for hands-free grab wi-fi while you can. Amazing! (At home it correctly lists all the wifi in range, one which requires a username/password, and one "open" - which it verifies is connected to the internet then connects to without having to do anything. :thumb: )

    2 - Aloqa - - works out where you are (via GPS, cell-transmiter or wifi triangulation - then tells you about the area you are in. Amazing - got my location within 100m (with GPS turned off) - and told me about the area I live (linking to relevent wikipedia articles); any shows/events/pubs etc. This will be really useful in a new place.

    3 - Skyfire - - a smart compressed fully featured web browser. Even my blog site is rendered and that has div layers, javascript and other stuff that normally breaks the mobile browser. Not perfect on a small device, but amazing for those times you need a full browser. I'd not recommend for secure sites though...

    Hope these are useful to someone. Don't ask for any help as all devices are different - but get these working and you'll be happy :thumb:

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