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    Carrying out the final preparation of the van before setting off to France, and, yesterday, (last minute, as is usual in the whingyraindrop household) it was decided that we couldn't possibly do without the external 12V socket for the water pump and that I really do need the fridge to be working on 12V too.

    So, asked around and was advised to contact mobile caravan engineer Stuart Cart of 'Cartabout Caravans'. Stuart arrived a short while later (it was Saturday too) , spent ninety minutes here, sorted out the socket for the water pump and identified that the relay for the fridge was badly corroded. The relay has been replaced and the fridge is working fine.

    Will certainly use him again. Those in South Leicestershire may wish to make a note of his website.

    I think he should include 'motorhome' in the business name though...

    Lorraine x

    P.S. Haven't booked the chunnel yet, probably do that on the way to Dover...
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