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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Which mobile browser uses the most data?
    I have a choice of 3, opera, chrome or Firefox.
    I am limited to 1gb a month on my European SIM contract and don't want to use more than I need to.
    I use Wii fi when I can while abroad, I only ever use it in my smartphone.
    I download films while on Wii fi to transfer to my pc.
    I try to use the bandwidth management on settings when I remember.
    I never use utube as and the like while on packet data.

    Advise on this appreciated please?.
  2. irnbru

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    Jun 27, 2013
    That's a good Q. I just googled it and the answer is Opera mini. Glad you asked. It will save me some money next time I'm abroad
  3. Daedalus

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    Nov 3, 2013
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    Opera uses the least amount of data.:Smile:

    Quote from Google - 'Top Mobile Browsers' (
    "It offers incredibly fast speed, an aesthetically pleasing design and the ability to save some money on data charges since the browser only uses as little as one tenth of data compared to other browsers. There is also an Opera Mobile option, which is slightly different from Opera Mini. To find out which one is best to use on your device, just go to so that Opera can detect the best version for you to use."

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  4. hilldweller

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    Dec 5, 2008
    It's not the browser, it's what you browse.

    Text is next to nothing.

    Pictures little to a lot, see how long they take to appear. If someone sends you a camera picture at full resolution that could be 6 out of your monthly 1000.

    Moving images, as high as 2G an hour though your phone probably won't work that fast.
  5. DBK

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    Jan 9, 2013
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    There may also be something in the settings, such as Do not download images. I am sure in the old days of dial-up connections you could set browsers to Text Only. Not sure if this option is still available today.
  6. iandsm

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    Jan 3, 2008

    With respect, To say "its not the browser, its what you browse" is not correct. Neither it is correct that text is next to nothing. It is true that text uses less data but text can still add up t a lot.

    Apps such as "Opera" and "Onavo" work by compressing data through their own private network, or VPN. Your browser sends the request to the VPN which sends the search to the web. The data is returned to the VPN which compresses the data before sending it back the the browser on your device. Because the data is compassed your device receives much less data than it usually would, thereby using less of your allowance.

    Depending on which data compression app you use pictures are also compressed which does mean a slight decrease in quality, but the amount of compression can be adjusted.

    Some people are concerned that the use of a VPN means that the VPN can store/record details of the web pages you visit and sell them on to advertisers etc. Both "Opera" and "Onavo" state that your data is secure and that no such thing takes place.

    I am happy to have the huge data savings these bowsers offer and I don't really care if they do know what I look at on the web, Iv'e nothing to hide. However, if I ant to use a movie banking app, or indeed any app that requires a password login I turn off the VPN app.

    One last thing, "Opera" only compresses data which goes via the app whereas "Onovo" compresses data sent through most other apps on your device to. So you have to physically remember to use "Opera" but "Onovo" is on all the time.

    There is another app calle "Snappli" but I have not looked into that, they do clam an 85% reduction in data.

    A revue of Onavo is at,2817,2393941,00.asp Information on Opera is at

    Its a matter of having a look at the apps and revues and making you mind up, you could always give all of them a try.

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