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Discussion in 'CI Motorhomes' started by Nykos, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Nykos


    Aug 18, 2008
    Hi all
    I'm seriously thinking of buying a new GTL and wondered if there are any members out there with comments, good or bad.
  2. haganap

    haganap Funster Life Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Cheshire- England
    Hi Nick ,
    Although I can not comment on living with the gtl living I know alot about this van as it was on our shortlist. I therefore spent long periods researching it before not buying one:winky:

    Our previous van was a CI and we were really pleased with it. We then found we needed more space so opted for a larger van. We really liked the Mizar lounge space and the rear side on bunks created a decent ammount of room. The quality of the CI was OK. Our only critique was that ones that we went in that were a year or so old, the fabric looked like it was wearing. the 07 model was probably the best model in terms of seating arrangements, but the probelm for me was that it was a lot of money for a CI. I don't mean to be disrespectfull to CIs (or their owners) as we loved ours, but CIs are built to a budget. good solid sterdy vans that do exactly what they say on the tin.

    We opted to buy a adria coral 670sk. Very similar layout to the mizar accept a rear dinner incorperated as a bonus creating an extra bed (7births). In our opinion and is only ours (as we dont build vans) we found it better quality by a long shot than the ci. Some loverly little extra touches.

    But all said and done, I would not have any problem either buying or reccomending a CI.
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  3. Ralph-n-Bev

    Ralph-n-Bev Funster

    Nov 30, 2009
    West Yorkshire
    We've got one, a 2006. We love it. We know we've got it right first time too. Which we are told is quite unusual by all the more experienced MHomers::bigsmile:
    Its an ideal layout if you want a roomy lounging about lounge. We don't have to make up any beds too, which is a bonus.
    Its got a separate shower with a bi fold door. Full smev oven and extractor fan. Webasto heating (diesel), hard wood units, plenty storage ,even in the bathroom ,a large garage , a big fridge freezer , large double pull out kitchen larder unit etc
    It also has swivel round front seats which opens up the lounge area .
    Unfortunately they stopped producing it 2006 , and have since cut back on the habitation build and fixtures, to keep the price down. So the dealer said anyway.
    I do prefer the newer models fabric colour scheme and much firmer seating , we spent a lot of time deciding on whether to get a new model or the 2006.

    Its true what hagenap says about the fabric , unfortunately. The Burgundy fabric ours has , does not wear well , a known manufacturing fault.
    Even more so if you've stripped off the covers and washed and conditioned them , like i did:Doh: (I thought it would freshen them up!)
    We were aware of this when we bought ours. Although we couldn't work it into the asking price , with the dealer, he did give us alot more than we expected for our 2 year old caravan when we traded it in :thumb:
    So its swings and roundabouts.

    We are looking forward to a trip to "Regal Furnishings" once we've saved up all our pennies , probably around summertime.
    We've got our quote , which we think is very reasonable . Mizzy is having a complete refurb . All the seating fabric, including the luton bed and bunk bed finishing covers,
    all the foam swapped for a firmer denser type and all the curtains (fully lined no less!) and voiles .
    I want it doing now. Cant wait.
  4. Mizar


    Nov 4, 2009
    West Yorkshire
    Hi we bought an 09 plate Mizar GTL Living last march and are extremely happy we spent months looking around different vans and to us with two kids 10 and 4 its a great layout the lounge L shaped and swival front seats gives you loads of space then the kitchen behind is fully usable has it does not incroach on the lounge unlike a lot of vans, huge fridge, huge bathroom and then bunkbeds for the kids to have there own space.
    I am happy with the build quality my only gripe is there is no knife and fork drawer but all the other draws are basket type that pull out so its usable space and you dont end up with things stuffed at the back you never get to.

    My friend was after one and when speaking to CI at the NEC show they said they were not making them anymore for the british market as they would be around the £50K mark with the Euro has it is at the moment and thats Autotrail money.

    They also look a little diffrent to most other vans with the huge pod and there is loads of room in the over cab bed you can sit up and read.

    My only worry now is if i want to replace it in the future would i get something with the same layout i am yet to find anything similar.

    Good look and happy hunting


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