Misfiring Burstner

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Sorry if this is a bit long but trying to give all info I've got
    Burstner Elegance 3lt 'Auto' 12500 miles
    Collected 'bus' from storage last Wed afternoon,(last used 2 weeks ago) drove 3-4 miles to garage & filled with fuel, drove 50 yards - felt it misfire & engine warning lamp came on. Managed to get home - about 1/2 mile
    Had a quick check round, nothing obvious, started again - no fault, drove round 4-5 miles no problem.
    Went away Thurs pm, drove 50 mile - no problems.
    Started up Mon lunch time, drove 10 miles - felt it misfire & warning lamp on again, got to a layby stopped & checked over - nothing obvious, Started engine, no problems but lamp still on.
    Drove maybe a mile when it started to misfire again, pulled over turn off, turn on, no problem but lamp on & that was the way it was all the way home.
    Took to local garage who found fault code 'P0268' cyl 3 injector, helpful guy says that he has had this problem before - its the connector on top of the injector, the pins in the plug come loose, need to be tightened up - £35 please.
    Then we looked under the bonnet and realised you can't see a bloody thing! need to take off the bonnet and the panel behind that to even see the top of the engine.
    No choice, need to get it done as we are off to France for 3 weeks on 31 Aug
    He has rung me this morning to say that he has tried tightening all four loom connectors but the fault still comes up - 'P0268'
    Has anyone had a similar experience?

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