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Jun 29, 2015
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I received an email asking me to check/update the contact information for one of our dogs, I did this and thought I should do it for our cat and other dog. Cat no problem, but when I tried to do our older dog the microchip was not found. The chip was put in 9 years ago but the vet did not register it, the dog has had a passport but at the time registration was not compulsory. When I contacted Pet Log they were happy to register the dog for free and it's all done now, but for the last 9 years we have assumed it was all done and it wasn't, thankfully we have only lost her once when she chased something in the woods and she came back after 20 minuets.

If any of you have an animal with a microchip that was inserted before April 2016 best check it has been registered even if the animal has a passport.

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