Mention the word site and everyone thinks gypsies

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    An interesting article from a reasonably local newspaper. Nazeing is a lovely place and is outside the LEZ - we will have to see what develops.

    NAZEING: Residents on edge over holiday caravan park plans

    3:53pm Wednesday 10th June 2009

    PLANS for a 30-pitch caravan site have prompted fears among neighbours that it could become a permanent traveller encampment.

    The plot in Carters Mead is across the road from the controversial Meadows site in Nazeing, where plans for an expansion of the existing travellers’ pitch were angrily contested by neighbours for a year before they were eventually scrapped.
    The developers have insisted the new pitches would only cater for holidaymakers in touring caravans, but villagers are concerned that if it won permission it could then morph into a site for permanent homes.

    Nazeing resident Peter Tubbs said: “I am hearing from a lot of people that they’re concerned it will be a sneaky way to get more gipsy pitches in Nazeing, but we’re hoping it won’t get planning permission for anything, whether it’s a holiday camp or not.”

    Mr Tubbs, who runs pressure group "Keep Nazeing Green" said the villagers were opposed for a number of reasons.

    He said: "We are opposed to this development as the current permission only allows for two caravans on part of this field, it would cause substantial extra congestion on this already dangerous road with caravans manoeuvring, it's green belt land, and if the venture was unsuccessful with this approval, it would make it easier to get planning for a static potential travellers site."

    Nazeing ward councillor Richard Bassett said: “Naturally, after everything that has happened, the locals are suspicious and don’t really want anything to do with it – that’s what’s been fed back to me.

    “They’ve seen things like this before; it starts as a touring site and then becomes a fixed pitch, then it’s ‘well, why can’t we have a gipsy pitch here?'”

    The new site would have two full-time employees and one part-time worker, and it would be open 24 hours a day over weekends and bank holidays as a touring site.
    The developer’s agent, James Pollard, said: “We’ve agreed with Epping Forest District Council in writing that the site won’t become a gipsy pitch – that’s not what the client wants for the site.

    “I can understand that people are concerned but they (the clients) don’t want that.
    “Mr Pett (the owner) has had permission for six static pitches on the site since 1995, so if he wanted the site to become that then it would have by now.
    “We are happy to meet with local people once the development has gone through to the next phase to discuss any concerns.”

    “Mr Pett wants to get tourism going in the area, everyone knows that times are hard and the site could create jobs as well as attract visitors to local businesses.”
    The proposal is due to be discussed by a Epping Forest District Council planning committee at the end of the month.
  2. staging lady

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    Nov 12, 2007
    North Wales in the Hills
    An interesting article. Good to see someone investing in UK tourism.
  3. duetto owner

    duetto owner

    May 7, 2009
    north surrey
    there is a big difference, tourists do not go out causing a crime wave in the local area and leaving the pitch in a disgusting state, have burning rubbish bonfires [burns the plastic off copper wiring they aquire] and no uncontrolled jack russels everywhere.

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