measuring awning for safari room

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  1. danie_jc


    Sep 5, 2009
    Hi All, Safari rooms come in all different makes and sizes - how best do I measure my awning so as I can work out which size fits? I am guessing that as I have an omnistor 5000 awning, i need an omnistor safari room. I have measured the width of the fabric and this is 2.9M which I am also assuming is a 3m unit? How do I determine what height of room i need as some are 2.25M some are 2.5M some are 2.75M? If I measure from the ground - to which height am i measuring? To the base of the unit? to the top of the unit? somewhere else?
  2. Diabalo

    Diabalo Funster

    Oct 14, 2007
    From their website here

    Tips for measuring your Safari Room

    The following information is required;
    - Awning model
    - Width of awning cassette
    - Height from ground to underside of awning box (front and back of vehicle)

    *HANDY TIP; Wind out your awning fully and set the front height of the awning to 1.85m, then check to see whether your habitation door clears the underside of the awning. If not, raise the height of the awning at the front and take a new measurement. Please state this at the point of order*

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