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  1. News

    News NewsHound

    Sep 12, 2007
    The biggest caravan show in the North East returns to Manchester Central - The Caravan & Motorhome Show 2008
    17-20 January 2008, Manchester Central
    Ticket Hotline number: 0871 230 1090

    The biggest event of its kind in the North East, The Caravan and Motorhome 2008 (17-20 January, Manchester Central) returns for the twelfth year. After the huge success of last year's show, the 2008 event will focus on delivering great value for money to visitors.
    Enthusiasts and novices alike will find over 70 exhibitors offering the region's best choice of touring caravans, motorhomes and awnings. Appealing to all tastes and budgets, together with a huge selection of accessories, it really is the place to satisfy all visitors' caravanning needs.
    The popular accessory megastore has doubled in size from last year, with more than 40 companies ensuring 'cara-fans' can purchase everything they need for a great holiday on the road. Visitors will be able to browse essential cooking equipment to sat navs, all weather clothing to maps and compasses - making sure every part of the holiday is covered.
    The Caravan and Motorhome 2008 is a must-attend event for local people to pick up a fantastic bargain. Whether ordering a caravan or motorhome for the new season, or hunting for the vital accessories - it's all available under one roof.
    What's more, there will be exciting show features including:
    • The Cookery Area offering fabulous ideas for creating mouth-watering meals at home on the road
    • A free crèche throughout the show*
    • The Classic FM Take a Break Café.
    Sam North, show manager, comments: "The 2008 show at Manchester Central will, as always, offer visitors value for money and provide a greater choice of accessories than ever before. The event this year focuses on meeting the needs of the North East's caravan and motorhome enthusiasts."

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  2. GJH

    GJH Funster Life Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    Acklam, Teesside, originally Glossop
    Has somebody changed the geography of England whilst we weren't looking?

    Will all the vans on show be parked back to front?

    Will all the accessories be displayed upside down?


  3. Minxy Girl

    Minxy Girl Funster Life Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    E Yorks
    For anyone considering going to this show be aware that it is very caravan orientated, you will not see the rafts of motorhomes on show as you do for other shows. If you want some accessories etc that are common to motorhomes and caravans you will find things to interest you but please do not go expecting to see loads of motorhomes as you will be disappointed. We've been twice now, including this year so unless they have changed the show dramatically I assume it will be the same next year.
  4. keith

    keith Funster

    Aug 25, 2007
    If anyone finds it :ROFLMAO:

    When I lived in Manchester it was NORTH WEST :Eeek: If it's moved to the North east what happend to Yorkshie .... Gone into the North Sea :ROFLMAO:

    Now all you Lancastrians behave .... no comments about yorkshire :winky:

  5. Tony Santara

    Tony Santara

    Jul 26, 2007
    Cheshire (ex Mancunian)
    I know they call it Greater Manchester now but didn't think it was that big

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