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    I had to go to Heathrow yesterday and the new Cobham services are open.. this is on the South Side of the motorway with an under pass from the North side... the facilities and the expensive fuel is all up and working, but there are hundreds of workmen still finishing off.

    Cobham is on the South side of the M25 before you get to the A3 turn off .. not a lot of warning for the count down markers.

    The actual internal roadways are small and would be hard to turn with a sizeable Motor home and a toad or trailer. If you know Warwick service this is as bad.

    There is a caravan section.. was full yesterday at 12.20 p.m. and even watched on car with caravan back out.... there is a small roundabout that has to handle all the traffic and it was already jammed up.

    The actual services are small but seems to have a mass of food outlets and a 24 hour McD .. Days Inn have the accommodation. need to pay attention when trying to get back on to the M25 .. road layout is not good and I can see a few heading in the wrong direction.

    But a much needed extra stopping point.

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