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    Feb 5, 2016
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    Not sure if this is in the correct heading but wanted to vent my frustration at the above company. It shouldn't surprise me after all these years that they have wriggled out of a claim. Rear brake calliper sticking on so assumed that under their GOLD motorhome warranty, that it would be covered.
    "Oh no sir. We don't cover seizure as it's usually caused by corrosion. "
    A lot of problems are caused by seizures and corrosion, especially in vehicles standing for long periods of time. This policy is designed for motorhomes.
    So if the engine seizes up I can only assume this clause would come into play.
    Still last laugh is mine. I was planning to extend the warranty next month for a further two years at a cost of about £500. The repair is costing 150, so they've lost out in the end and I'll put the money aside for anything else that goes wrong.
    Always known warranties were a waste of time but as it came with the van I was quite happy.
    Never again. Certainly if it's me who has to buy and pay for it.
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    May 22, 2012
    We had this insurance based cover (Silver) with our previous MH. First year needed new alternator £230.00 cost me the excess £80.00.
    I then took out a further two years silver cover at a cost of £340.00. Third year the clutch went due to thrust bearing failure. Total repair cost £850.00 MB&G agreed to pay £700.00 of the bill. Sent copy of invoice and received cheque 7 days later.

    Different van now under manufacturers warranty. However I would seriously consider silver cover again with MB&G based on my experience.

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