Lyme Regis never to be forgotten

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by MIN663, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Friend of mine has been staying on a site in Devon and said we should meet up, had a couple of days spare so as we havent managed to get away at all this year we thought go for it. Weather not to good but first couple of days was a nice chill out. Walks in the forest, book reading and the odd bacon sarnie.
    Yesterday morning took the old girl (Hymer) out for a run to Cheisl beach and area around, plenty of big hills. All was going great till we decided to go to Seaton via Lyme Regis came down the steep hill to the main street and brakes failed:whatthe: managed to stop her just before we ploughed into the back of the park and ride bus. Made it gently out of town to a layby thinking the brakes had just cooked and id let them cool.
    Wasnt to be arrived home (cornwall) 2am with the old girl on a low loader..
    So waiting for the rain to stop so i can have a good look at her.
    Happy Days
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    Yikes Min, you've had a lucky (or should I say skillful?) escape - I know that hill, and it's certainly not one on which I'd like to experience brake failure.

    Hope the Hymer is soon back to full health, and that you recover from the experience too.

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