LV insurance - strange response!

Mar 9, 2021
Fife, Scotland, UK
Funster No
Burstner Ixeo IT590
Still training to be a newbie. M/H Apr 2021
LV must stand for Laughably Variable! Had m/home quote about 3 weeks ago via Laura at Contact Centre and she quoted Additional Premium for balance of this year, PLUS the Renewal Premium. We've changed m/home purchase plans to a Burstner, and, in view of the problems encountered futher up this thread, I was a little anxious!
LV website says to select Caravan if M/Home cover needed and [originally, 3 weeks ago] was told to ring Contact Centre so I selected 'Caravan' from the phone menu. 'I'll need to transfer you to Motor, they deal with M/home cover'. Car Team: 'just need model, is it Fiat M/Home?'. 'Has it been altered from original spec?' [Me: 'Yes, chassis stripped bare & Burstner body + fittings added'].
'Additional Premium from 15th April is Ā£55.12. Me: Annual Premium?' LV: 'We can't tell you that ...' [but you could 3 weeks ago]
As the advert says 'Ring our lovely LV people': As the advert doesn't say: 'But don't expect any logic or consistency, because, when Sunday follows Friday, you know it's Leap Year'... They really should join force with Confused.Com, if only so that the name forewarns customers what to expect!

Feb 16, 2021
Salcombe Regis
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Adria Matrix 600SL
Awaiting delivery šŸ˜€
TeamBandS Ours is insured with LV=šŸ˜Š as a Fiat Motorcaravan.
Mine too. First time insurance on a new adria value Ā£82k. Zero no claims discount and with 100k legal protection and personal accident Ā£200 excess (Ā£100 vol + Ā£100 compulsory Ā£322 which I thought was really reasonable. Purchased direct.