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Lucky Escape!

Oct 29, 2009
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Amazing how he kept looking back as he knew the chasing pack where close,and then just got up and jogged to his bike. :oops:Just another day at the office!:smiley:
Yes, he was very aware of what he was, potentially, facing! His crawling scramble to get off the track was almost cartoonish - lots of action without much motion.

Nov 9, 2018
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Nice slide; I bet he got a hot erse! The length of the slide is immaterial, I know from bitter experience it's the sudden stop at the end when hitting an obstacle that does the damage!

For the person asking above, the racing suits these days are fairly high tech, A combination of fine grade leather from various beasts, up to 1.2 - 1.6 mm on high contact areas. They also like to use ostrich, kangaroo and stingray on some of them as it is tough, strong but light compared to coo leather and provides high abrasion protection.

Those same areas may also have Kevlar reinforcement, air dams and perforations for cooling and titanium sliders on shoulders, knees etc. They will also have reinforced corrugated expansion joints for comfort and a a nice fit to avoid flapping and movement whilst at speed; you want your armour where its supposed to be should you have an off. They are lined with high tech wicking fabric to ensure optimum temperature control as dehydration whilst riding can have a marked effect n performance.

In the aerodynamic hump there may well be plumbed water for the rider by way of a camel-back system and it may also contain GPS tracking and the brain for the Air Bag system that they are all required to use; when activated by the accelerometers detecting " a significant departure" and the CPU deploys an air bag to places like neck, chest and back - very Gucci!

Then you get to gloves boots and helmets! Some can cost an arm and a leg and are also very high tech and have to meet not only regional certification of a very high standard but also stringent testing and certification from the various racing bodies.

I can easily blow 2 grand on serious riding gear for weather and crash protection and I am just an average rider. Professionals get nothing but the best, from the best, made to measure with no expense spared and rightly so...
Feb 16, 2013
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Has anyone else scrolled down on this, there appear to be all sorts of videos , where are they coming from, this morning it was all animals giving birth now it's changed to various stuff.?
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