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    Hi, do any of you chaps with LPG conversions know wether you have a single or multipoint system and do you get any problems with it


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    Single point is the basic kit - these will be found on carburettor engined vehicles, and budget systems - you in effect have one single supply of fuel for all cylinders. Carbs obviuosly won't make a huge difference, injection will be better.

    Multi point has a supply for each cylinder - computer control, so no waste - similar to how your fuel injector works - only for lpg. These are much more efficient, and far more frugal on fuel.

    LPG engines run extremely clean, longer life of consumables etc - BUT in reality, there can be problems caused by this. There may occasionally turn up little tyhings like 'hunting' on idle. This can be cured, but will creep back - the reason for this is the emissions. The lambda sensor on your exhaust, talks to the ecu/air flow meters and constantly adjust mixture to minimise emissions. When there are no emissions - it gets confused, cannot accurately tell the ecu what to do, resulting in a 'hunt'

    Curable in most, but happens - so don't be worried about it.

    LPG runs alot hotter than petrol - so you may smell a hot cat after periods under strain. Doesn't happen all of the time - just if pushing the power. Your cat life may be shortened, depending on the quality of the cat.
    You will do more miles in the winter, than in the summer

    Always buy a QUALITY system, and you will have little if any problems - systems are usually problem free for many years before software needs updating or similar

    Kits also have digfferent Horsepower ratings - buy a decent kit to suit the power of your car.....if not you will lose power at top end. Decent kit, you will actually increase power and notice to difference.

    Cornwall to london..3.2 Mercedes E class (not hanging about) £23...now that is a reason to convert!:thumb: ohh...discounted tax for duel fuel, free congestion charge etc
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    have a look at the iwema website ..they used to have an agent near exeter who was brilliant on V8's , unfortunately he had family problems and had to shut down

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