Lpg In Orkney And Shetland

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    Oct 22, 2012
    We have a fitted gas tank on our vehicle and have just returned from Orkney and Shetland.Before we went I e mailed the Visit Scotland website for info and they gave me a website to visit LPGmap.co.uk. I went to the website and they listed a couple in Shetland and one in Orkney . NONE of the places listed on the site sell LPG .We eventually found a place on Shetland :- Shetland Gas Supplies,
    Hillswick ZE2 9RW tel : 01806 503372 . You have to ring not just turn up as the place us not staffed but they will arrange for someone to meet you.

    If you are just visiting Orkney you can too up on the mainland on your way up .
    there is a Gleaner garage at Watten 7miles north of Wick .The pump is in a caged area to the side of the main pumps - you have to go into the garage and someone will come out and serve you .

    Hope this helps anyone planning a trip.
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    Which goes to show that a tank or refillable cylinders are not always the most convenient.. particularly when you can't fill up or have to go out of your way to do so.. .. There are other countries where it is also difficult.. or impossible to find an LPG station.

    It makes good sense to have the facility to use an exchange bottle should the need arise..
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