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    Hi All,
    I've had the Rapido just over a year and have made 2 trips to France so far with many more to come, I hope. I was thinking that a refillable gas system would be a good investment so started to research an underbody tank to keep it simple.

    I used the tunnel for the Easter trip so checked up on the LPG requirements. Bottles OK, even refillable ones - just turn off the valves on the top of the bottle(s). BUT had I fitted a tank underneath then it's a no go! Phew! glad I didn't get it fitted before going.

    OK, so now the only option is a bottle refill system and the Gaslow looks to be the only one on the market - Off I toddled to the local Gaslow dealer for a quote. "No problems sir, did one only last week, I'll just make a few adjustments to that quote!"

    Err, would you mind taking a look at my vehicle 1st, just to check no prroblems, please, it's right outside.

    Looked, briefly, and announced all OK. Back in the office the 'service' engineer walked into the shop so got button holed to take a look, just to please me.

    Ooooo! carn't do that I'm afraid! (the more usual response from a plumber I think). How old is the vehicle?


    Thought so, new regulations introduced since then. You have a 37mB system with 8mm tubes - new regs require 30mB system with 10mm tubes! I would have to change your whole system over to the new regs. Costafortune.

    "So, I cannot use a Gaslow system then?"

    "Nope, they only work on 30mB systems."

    "OK, scratch that idea - can you do a full habitation check for me, please?"

    "I can, but I'll have to change over your complete gas system. If I look at it and find it is not to current regs I have to make it comply."

    I only purchased this vehicle last year - was I taken for a ride or are these dealers trying to take me for a ride or....

    Many thanks for any responses on this one.

    Have a safe journey

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    The "Service Engineer" who told you that your entire gas system doesn't comply and will need changing is talking out of his bumhole. Also there is absolutely no problem with using a refillable cylinder, be it from Gaslow or any other manufacturer, with your current 37Mbar/8mm pipework setup. The ore of the pipework is actually determined by the supply requirements (how much gas you're trying to drag through it to the various appliances) and the length of pipe/number of bends in the system it is NOT deterimned by the pressure you are running at.

    I would give that dealer a very wide erth as they obviously don't know what they're talking about.


    P.S. motorcaravans are exempt from the gas regs anyway.
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    Fixed tanks for domestic LPG are allowed on the tunnel.. so you may want to reconsider your options..

    LPG and gas transport


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