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    Hi Everyone
    I had my G Reg Auto-Sleeper converted to run on LPG some years ago. How easy would it be to convert all my appliances; heater, cooker, fridge etc. to run on LPG as well? This would save me having to tote around gas canisters and free up the gas locker for more storage. I would be most grateful for your thoughts and suggestions on this matter especially if you think it is a very bad idea and not to do it at any cost.

    Many thanks.
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    you will need to fit another tank as the domestic lpg works diff to the engine something to do with one systym being a vaporiser or something but i know you cant use the same tank there is a guy in chester who can tell you hes called gas sure
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    I think it's a sound idea, my advice is to visit an LPG converter for advice.

    Engines take either vapour from the top of the tank or liquid from the bottom (via a dip tube mounted on the top,) so it will depend on your existing system whether you need a new tank or a modification on your exising tank to give you a vapour take for the house gas via a new regulator.

    If any of this sounds foreign go to an expert.. don't mess with LPG systems.

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