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    Aug 14, 2007
    Hi All,

    I have long been against the idea of having an lpg conversion due to the cost and long payback time. But having just looked around it looks like the price for a V10 has plummeted.

    Can anyone advise what cost for a V10 Triton and any recommendations?

    Basically we have just got back from looking at a very nice Dethleffs Esprit I7870 but you know what? It's just not in the same league as our Concord 300TS!

    So if I could get a sensible consumption out of ours we may be happy to travel for a long weekend in France or maybe further afield.

    We bought an RV so we could go away for long weekends locally and have no problem with the fuel consumption. But we have been getting the bug for travelling further afield.

    Any advice welcome.

    Many thanks.

  2. Larrynwin

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    Feb 22, 2008
    Hi Chris,
    I post the same here as on RVOC.
    When we bought our RV new almost 2 years ago I never hesitated in getting it converted to LPG and have since not regretted it.
    It is Ford triton V10 based and the conversion cost was £3200 and I would think similar prices are around today.
    In Spain this year we got just on 10 mpg on LPG which cost wise is around 18mpg.
    The tank range is over 300 miles with two 120 lt ( 95lt nett each ) fitted between chassis behind rear axle.
    Locally we buy LPG at 67p litre which feels much better than £1.40 litre for petrol when filling up.
    You need to consider whether you will get your money back for the cost of conversion or whether you ignore that and consider it as part of the capital cost.
    If you go for it, beg recommendations on the forum for installers as a good set up is vital.

    All the best


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