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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by richard863, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. richard863

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    Hi All
    only joined yesterday.
    I posted a answer to the forum on "Chipping a Fiat" I thought I submitted it or so it said I did.
    On looking through the post to see what other answers were offered, it has disappeared:Doh:

    Could anyone point me to anywhere on the Fun forum that explains all the abbreviations used, there seems to be loads I haven't come across before.

    Ta in advance
  2. sinbad1

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    Hi and:welcome:to Fun
    I have searched for your "Chipping a fiat" post ;but cannot find it, Try again be sure to hit the submit button.

  3. richard863

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    Chipping Fiat JTD's

    I fitted a well known chip to my van and was less than impressed. Took it off and sold it. Then went and had the engine remapped,similar performance. The mapping was done by Boosters. Eventually Alex came to Milton Keynes where we have a company with a rolling road. The fun then started, the gauges said the BHP was 123, my basic according to Fiat should have been 149BHP. The fault was a out of spec Boost valve fitted in Italy. After various adjustments and road runs I now have 179BHP with no smoke. I then did a oil change and filled up with Magnatex . The upshot, is now the Flair pulls like a dream in all gears, its great with cruise selected. Performance fuel wise, not brilliant. When towing a C2 (1ton) I get between 18/20MPG without 26/28 MPG but my basic weight is 4820Kgs (weigh bridge).
    My insurance company treat it as a economy device.
  4. richard863

    richard863 Deleted User

    Training to be the new EU president

    Sorry being a newby put the above re chipping on the wrong thread.:Doh:

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