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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Don Madge, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Don Madge

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    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks
    While doing research for a future trip I cams across some disturbing news.

    In the past if you lost your passport while away you went to the local embassy/high commission/consulate and obtained a new one.

    It appears that the government has set up British Passport Processing Centres abroad they mainly deal with issuing British passports for expats and such like but if you lose your passport you might have to apply to one for a replacement passport.

    Most embassies can still issue emergency travel documents if you need to get home quickly.

    The ones that affect most of us are in
    Paris http://ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/passports/

    Madrid http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/passports/

    Dusseldorf http://ukingermany.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/passports/duesseldorf-welcome-page/

    This link will help you find the country you want and then check on lost passports and that will give details of the processing centre you need.

    I'm off to OZ after Christmas and if I need a replacement passport I will have to apply to Auckland in NZ.

    I scrambled my brain trying to give as much info as possible but if I've missed something or got something wrong please don't all shout at once.

    Safe travelling.

  2. Sundowners

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    Oct 30, 2007
    We always take copies of all documents, just in case the worst happens, hoping this will save a lot of time and aggravation.

    Nigel and Pamala
  3. 400ixl


    Sep 14, 2008
    We are the same, Taking 2-3 copies for various reasons. The real ones then stay locked in the safe until needed to get through passport control.
  4. Richard W

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Burwash, Sussex
    Copy of the Picture Page

    Faced with the (remote) possibility of my passport going down with the ship, I made a copy and laminated the photo and visa pages of the passport.

    This made a durable ID document I could carry all the time, afloat or ashore. Another advantage is that although it provides a useful ID, it has no value to a thief if it is stolen.

    Happy Travels,
    Richard W.
  5. Landy lover

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    Jul 11, 2009
    We do exactly the same - all possible documents we may need on a trip are photocopied and the originals put safely away - we wil always present copies to interested parties except passports at borders- no one has ever queried or copies - as a fail safe we always have Pdf copies on a memory stick which takes up no room at all yet can carry 100's of documents.
  6. 400ixl


    Sep 14, 2008
    Good point on the PDF copies. We do the same there too. A copy on the memory card in the phones and a copy online to be retrieved if required.

    This is the case for all of the documents we should require for the whole trip.
  7. Don Madge

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    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks
    This is the reply from the British Embassy in Damascus with ref to the limitations of an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) issued outside the EU.

    What is an Emergency Travel Document?
    Unlike your normal passport, which is valid for 10 years, an
    Emergency Travel Document is valid for a specific journey within
    a specified time. It can be issued quickly, to enable you to travel
    at short notice.

    How can I obtain an Emergency Travel Document?
    By September 2010, all but a handful of British Embassies/High
    Commissions and Consulates (and in some countries Honorary
    Consuls) will be able to issue Emergency Travel Documents.
    Where this service is not available, you will still be offered consular
    assistance or advised to travel to the nearest UK Emergency Travel
    Document issuing Post.

    Am I eligible for an Emergency Travel
    Any British national who needs to travel urgently and does not
    have access to their full passport can apply for an Emergency Travel

    Where can I travel to on an Emergency Travel
    When you apply for an Emergency Travel Document you will be
    asked to provide an itinerary for your journey. Your Emergency
    Travel Document will show the countries that you intend to travel
    to, or through.
    If you are resident in the country in which you are applying for an
    Emergency Travel Document, and need to return, the Emergency
    Travel Document can be issued for a return journey.

    How long is the Emergency Travel Document
    valid for?
    Your Emergency Travel Document will be issued for a specific
    journey, within a specified time, after which it will become invalid.
    Some countries require a traveller to have 6 or 9 months validity on
    their passport in order to enter the country. This will be recorded
    in your Emergency Travel Document. This does not mean that the
    document can be used again. It can only be used for the journey
    shown on the observation page.

    How many countries can I travel to on an
    Emergency Travel Document? Are there any
    countries that will not accept them?
    You can travel via 5 countries on an Emergency Travel Document.
    The Emergency Travel Document meets international standards
    for emergency travel documents and should be acceptable
    worldwide. We have had extensive consultations with other
    countries to ensure that the Emergency Travel Document meets
    their entry requirements. In some countries (including the USA),
    you may still need to apply for a visa.

    Can I travel to a country not named on the
    Emergency Travel Document?

    What do I do if my plans change after I have
    purchased an Emergency Travel Document?
    The travel itinerary contained on your Emergency Travel Document
    cannot be changed. If your plans change after the document has
    been issued, you will need to apply, and pay, for a new Emergency
    Travel Document.

    Can I make a return journey on the Emergency
    Travel Document?
    Yes, but only if you are resident in the country you are travelling
    from. A return Emergency Travel Document cannot be used
    by tourists wishing to return overseas to complete a holiday as
    their re-entry into the country is not guaranteed. You need to
    provide an exact travel itinerary to the Consular Officer issuing the
    Emergency Travel Document so that your return journey can be
    included on the observation page.

    Once I have finished my journey what should I
    do with my Emergency Travel Document?
    If you are making a single trip back to the UK, UK Immigration
    Staff will retain your Emergency Travel Document on arrival as
    it is no longer valid. This may also happen in a number of other
    countries although practice may vary. If you have an Emergency
    Travel Document valid for a return journey, you will need to keep
    it until your journey is complete. If Immigration officials do not
    retain your Emergency Travel Document, you must return it to your
    nearest British Diplomatic Mission for destruction. Remember your
    Emergency Travel Document is only valid for the specified journey.
    It cannot be used again.

    The cost of the ETD various from country to country, I think something like a £100 minimum per person. This is just a very rough estimate.

    I've been very happy with the service I've had from the British Embassy in Damascus, they have been very helpful.

    Safe travelling.


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