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  1. bereweeke3


    Jul 26, 2011
    My husband & I are looking to buy a motorhome to travel and live in for the next few years. We have looked at quite a few and have narrowed it down quite a bit. We know we want a fixed bed and possibly a garage to carry a small moped although we would be happy to fix it to the back of the motorhome.

    Can you recommend any that we should look at. it will only be for the two of us so want as much space inside to make it comfortable.
    We have looked at Autocruise startrail & starstream and the swift bolero 680fb.

    Are there any shows we could go to this year?

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  2. Terry

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    Dec 27, 2007
    South yorks
    Hi and welcome :thumb: no idea about the vans you mention but I will say that they all are made by Swift and as such are basically the same van.:winky:No matter which make you end up going for Layout is the most important thing :thumb:Try hiring one for a few days that will give you a good idea what to look for especially if you intend to live in it :thumb:
  3. mike mcglynn

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    New Van or older van ?

    Hello, There are a couple of shows left this season Im, going to the last one at Lincoln look at" out and about live" for the details if you have never owned or tried a motorhome in my experience it may take you two or three vans to get the perfect one for you both as there are so many variations and layouts ask the funsters for any advice as their is a world of experience here and also a load of jokers :roflmto:Good luck
  4. scotjimland

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Hi Karen, welcome to the forum..

    sorry, I'm not familiar with any of the vans you mentioned, others will be along to give their opinion on their suitability.

    From my experience, the most important factor when deciding on a fulltiming van is PAYLOAD .. especially if you are considering a scooter.. some vans have a miserly amount, and don't take a dealers word for it, check on the manufacturers data plate.

    also check our Fulltiming forum.. there is a lot of good advice from past and present fulltimers on all aspects including vehicle choice.. also see the 'live' thread.. Fulltiming A Poll II
  5. slobadoberbob


    Jun 1, 2009
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    Have you considered an RV (YANK)?

    Hi, not sure of your driving licence qualification re weight, but have you thought about an RV? Size wise you get a lot more for your money than a european motor home... have a look at www.rvoc.co.uk this is a sister site that is run by motor home fun. It has members that have an RV .. A, B & C class RV's as well as demountables and 5th wheel units.. Often an American rig is a lot cheaper than Europeans and have a lot more comforts to offer. OK there is a down side..size from early 20' to 40' for an A class B class and C class then to be 20's to 32' (My Winnebago is 24' ... check out the link below in this post to give you some idea what we have in side the RV).. We also enjoy a slide out which gives extra living space. fivers or 5th wheel are often used for full timing and have the advantage of a pickup to use when parked up and a big living area. We even have one that is pulled by a Land Rover.

    You can get petrol, petrol/LPG and diesel versions. worth having a look. If you can get to a show like Malvern in August, you will see lots of european and American rigs. The next show is Shepton Mallet near Bath in the West County and after that it is Lincoln also in September. But have a look even just so you know what is also available.

  6. rainbow chasers

    rainbow chasers

    Oct 30, 2009
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    Bit off topic - but was looking at some RV'S on ebay, there were some real oldies on there...had a look at one, and it had a full size BATH! Not a mini one...a full size one! How cool is that??:ROFLMAO:

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