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  1. Glyn and Debbie

    Glyn and Debbie Funster

    May 18, 2011
    Good evening all,
    please forgive me for being too lazy to look, because this has probably been covered a million times, we are travelling to France, Plymouth to Roscoff, travelling back via the tunnel and we are looking for interesting places to stay one night two nights, depends how interesting, anyway I am sure with the amount of experience amongst all you funsters you will come up with a multitude of places to visit, take note we have two weeks in which to visit all your suggestions.
    Thanking all you knowledgeable people in advance.
    ps. for all the silly suggestions I will be seeing you at Stratford and Malvern lol :thumb:
  2. magicsurfbus

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    Oct 11, 2010
    NW England
    Off the top of my head:

    Pink Granite Coast around Tregastel-Plage/Ile Renote
    Walled harbour town of Concarneau
    Beaches around Point de la Torche, near Penmarc'h
    The Quiberon peninsula
    The multiple rows of standing stones at Carnac
    Quaint village at Locronan
    Battle of Normandy Museum and War Cemetery at Bayeux, plus Tapestry.
    Chateau at Fougeres

    On the way back to Calais - quaint port of Honfleur

    Mont St Michel? Best seen from a distance - horribly commercial inside. Only my opinion mind.

    All have aires within easy reach.
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  3. Allanm

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Cotes d'armor, France
    All of Brittany is wonderful.....
    Nice beaches and inlets all around the coast, Le Val Andre has a nice aire almost on the beach, and a lovely beach too. Inland, Plemet is nice, with an aire on a lake. Point de Raz and the coast around it is great.
    Josselyn is well worth a visit. Nice aire right in the middle of town, pleasant river walks past the chateau and a huge market on Saturdays.
    Plougrescant peninsula is impressive, standing stones at Carnac are a must and Doëlan is known as the archetypal Finistère fishing port
    Have a great time, we will be there in a couple of weeks too.

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