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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by ST921, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I'm trying to determine what kind of chassis and gas tank I have as well as any maual and wiring and spec's for the Jamee by Skyline I just bought. Any info. would be helpful. I'm needing to replace a fuel sending unit.
    Plate on the driver door reads:
    1/79 Layton Homes Corp.
    11/78 Dodge Model F30
    GVW 09000
    Vin #F34KT9V717016
    Ton SL186926

    Panel next to side door shows:
    UL Listed RV #G114058

    Engine hood reads Chrysler
    360 4bbl


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    Oct 15, 2007
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    Being an old 'un, try any American car specialists, with the vin and chassis type, F30, you may have success. I did a quick google and the F30 seems to be your typical chassis cab affair and alot of parts on the chassis side will be common to various vans/trucks.

    It's worth getting yourself familiar with your tank design as needless to say with motorhomes (RVs) sometimes the convertor (house bit) will mix and match depending on thier design. We started with a '77 Dodge M400 chassis cab with a Brougham Coach C class body and even though it was the heavy duty chassis we found the parts easy to come by, even off the shelf and 24 hour shipping, ie in the UK.

    We used Stateside Autos, A5 between Tamworth and Hinkley(?) and American Autos in Minworth, Midlands. Having sold the old girl, now have a Winne, I gave all the manuals etc to the new owner, but if you again speak to American vehicle people, or try internet for American firms you'll quite likely find manuals available for you chassis side, may not be wholy accurate, Chilton are your typical and 'similar' to Haynes at times :ROFLMAO: on accuracy.

    Have fun:thumb:

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