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Discussion in 'Swift Motorhomes' started by dougwatts, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Hi All

    I have reserved a spot on a site in Southern Spain for a 6-month winter stay 2009/2010.

    This will be my first experience of a long stay in one place and I am asking for any useful tips on problems to watch out for, precautions to take, etc., when remaining static for so long.

    Obvious considerations are maintaining engine, batteries, tyres, coachwork, etc.

    I will have a 10A hook-up, access to hot water bathing facilities, loan of large satellite dish (weak signal there).

    I will be towing a trailer with Toad.

    I will be alone, with just my dog, Jazz, for company, so any recommendations should take account of that, especially as I am not particularly energetic!!

    I await in anticipation :Smile:

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    I would certainly run he van every now and again. I used my van in Italy for a few months and ensured I did a 30 mile trip every month or so. Also, cover your tyres. You can get tyre covers from various places or if you are unsure, PM me and I wil let you know of a lady that makes them.


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    be sure to run the van regularly to ensure brakes and clutch do not sieze. I would advise also using a biocide to prevent diesel bug which occurs mainly when vehicles are laid up. Yes is does exist, my van is currently in a garage having the entire fuel system cleaned out as a result of not using it all winter.
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    diesel bug is very common in the marine enviroment does a nice job of growing in your tank n blocking filters, has been known to seize up diesel pumps. you can put an additve in your tank ask at a diesel supply depot its not cheap.as for staying put for 6 mnths why?spains a big country lots to see n do .lots places to park what ever you want ,sea mountains ,grassland. lifes not long enough to stay still too long.

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