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  1. N Luyetund

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    Hi funsters I need some help:

    I'd like to walk along with this guy for a couple of the days...:Smile:

    Phil Packer

    staying overnight at Crystal Palace CC site and travelling in each day (unless you can suggest a better alternative) but there are a couple of logistical probs...
    • I'd like to take the dog
    • She can't handle steps and I can't carry her (23kg Lab) so that's bus
    and tube out
    • how easy/difficult would it be to get to say, day 9 start with/without the dog?

    I though about going up each day but the train is too expensive and the bus won't get me there in time....
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    Hi Graham and what a great site to stay at, pop in to Selhurst park whilst your there its my church.

    Glad you brought this to our attention this guy deserves real credit and the link should be placed for some of us to donate, I will be.

    To answer your question, difficult. Its quite away out of town im afraid. you really would need transport and I dont think the god would be able to go with you. Im very familiar with the area and can't see any other way other than to leave the dog at home.
  3. N Luyetund

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  4. Red Sonja

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    Near Dartford
    Hi Graham

    Dont know if this helps but if you stay at Abbey Wood cc. You could get the train to either Greenwich or Maze hill and walk to the Greenwich foot tunnel (You would have to check that they take dogs in the lift) that comes out by the DLR at Island Gardens and its then a walk to the start of Day 9. It dont think that there are any stairs at either train station - Can check if you want as its my route into work. Other route would be Train From Abbey Wood to Woolwich Arsenal or Greenwich then DLR to Mudchute farm. I think all these stations have lifts.

    Will try to think of other alternatives for you.

  5. Ladyrunner

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    Hi Graham

    You have probably thought about this but the Crystal Palace CC is within the Low Emission Zone so you need to be sure that your motorhome is exempt from paying LEZ charges else your stay could cost alot more than the train.

    Details here Vehicles affected | Transport for London

    Hope you make it to London to give Phil Packer your support.

  6. N Luyetund

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    Thanks Sonja... me head's spinning at the moment having been trolling around transport for LONDON... yo-yoing between journey planners/maps/fares/oyster

    remind me to speak to Boris:Rofl1: about assuming everyone has 'the knowledge':Doh:

    Julie thanks, i'd already tripped over that one... and the congestion charge:Doh:

    I'd also looked at Lee valley Lee Valley Regional Park Authority - Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park, Edmonton     

    and there's always the option of driving to Cockfosters and making it just a day trip (easy but I fancied boring the guy witless for two days:RollEyes::Wink:)

    ...I need to sleep on these options.... ready to knit some more fog tomorrow:Cool:

    Thanks again Ladies:Wink:
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    East London
    If you stay at the lea valley site at Sewardstone Road E4 and your dog is happy in the motorhome and you are prepared to trust us, we will pick the keys up from you and water and walk your dog during the day whilst you are up town if that helps.

    We'd offer to have the dog at our place, but we already have one ourselves
  8. N Luyetund

    N Luyetund Deleted User

    Your offer is very much appreciated but I've decided to go for the day trip option... it means she'll be left in her 'usual' setting rather than the van. She's used to waiting in the van on shopping trips but as yet not for extended periods.

    Thanks once again for your offer:thumb:

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